Gag Dump A Trump Pencil Pen Holder

  • $49.99
  • Save $5

  • MAKE RSSIA GREAT AGAIN! Every single pieces are hand crafted and build to last. Make your desk great again with this BIGLY funny Trump pen holder
  • UNIQUE GIFT GUARANTEED TO GET A LAUGH. This one of a kind product is sure to get a lot of attention and laughs from your friends and around the office.
  • PAID BY MEXICANS. President Putin Trump couldn't build and make Mexico pay for it so they paid to make the base wall around the paperweight to remind him they ain't paying for his racist wall
  • MADE IN JHINA. We all know how good his grammar is and his pronunciation. Jhina is a reminder of just one of them how he pronounces wrong. All tough talk about China and now no action.